Monday, 28 January 2013

Day at the Polo

"The Sport of Kings"
I have never been to a Polo match before, and truth be told I know very little about the sport, but I wasn't going let that put me off. I jumped on the internet to learn some basic jargon and rules so i wasn't too clueless as to what was going on. Packed up a picnic and some bottles of bubbly and off we popped to Cirencester Park Polo Club.
The Club is situated within The Bathurst Estate and is all beautifully maintained, the setting certainly added to the occasion, as it is one of the most historic polo grounds in England.
The company helped make the day special too... (From Left) Dad, Finn, Gordon, and my Mummy. We settled on a spot to ensure optimum viewing experience, got stuck into our picnic, and the Polo started shortly afterwards.
The game itself was fast, exciting, and slightly more aggressive than I anticipated, however, it was the Cheltenham Cup Final, so the pressure was on. After the first chukka (quarter) I got to grips with the rules, and really got into the game.
We also got involved with the "Divot Stamping".
After 3 matches, lots of eating, drinking and laughing, the sun began to set and we headed home. I would greatly recommend for everyone to go to a Polo Match, all you need is a picnic and some brilliant company to ensure a fantastic day out.
For upcoming matches at Cirencester Park Polo Club visit their website here.

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