Wednesday, 13 March 2013

The Isle of Wight

It is the calm before the storm at University, deadlines are a comfortable distance away but I can smell the coffee that I will be undoubtedly overdosing on. As a way of escaping this, I ran off to my 3rd home - I know, how greedy? The Isle of Wight is where my boyfriend lives, and one of my favourite things about visiting him is the feeling I get when I jump on the ferry and leave any nagging thoughts and worries on the 'mainland' (what the islanders call England).

The weather was not on our side it was foggy and cold for the majority of my stay, however this didn't stop us from heading to Ryde, for a walk along the beach.

Finn's Mum is a Puppy Parent for Canine Partners, and is currently training a beautiful Labrador Puppy named Ola.

Learning to socialise with other dogs, to be off the lead (and come back), Ola had a lovely run around - Although it's not all work, she gets to play too..

Fingers and Toes quickly became cold and so we headed back to the warmth.

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