Friday, 11 October 2013

Cowes Week Part 1

We left London on the Sunday evening after our gastronomic meal at Heston's for Mummy's birthday, Emma and I had arranged to meet Will at a convenient service station to head down to the Isle of Wight for Cowes Week. If you haven't heard of Cowes Week, it is one of the largest sailing regattas in the UK and generally just good fun for both sailors and spectators: Lots of boats, lots of drinking. Everything you need for a good UK break.

Emma and Will had never been to the island before, so it was up to me to attempt to explain what it was all about. Finn unfortunately had to work for the first day they were there, so I showed them around Cowes.

One of the most spectacular things about cowes week is how MANY boats there are, the magnitude is something that can't be captured on camera unfortunately...

We walked into town along the sea front to see the races, and some of them being started too from outside of the Royal Yacht Squadron.

Unfortunately the weather wasn't brilliant, and we got caught in a down pour so decided to warm ourselves up with a spot of afternoon tea. 

We then headed back to Finn's parents house for a nap before dinner and our first night out down at the beer tents. 

 We ended up in the Banyan Beach Bar, lots of cocktails and a dance floor, what more could you want!!

and that was just monday... 5 more days to go!! (am getting tired just thinking about it)

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