Saturday, 26 October 2013

Spanish Fiestas

My Grandma lives in Spain, so over the summer my sister, mum and I decided to pop over for a visit and some sunshine. We arrived on the last night of the Fiestas, an annual tradition where everyone dresses up a devils and runs round the streets with fireworks.
It was without a doubt the most surreal thing I have ever seen. Starting with street performances and dancing to get the devil to appear, and then when he does they set the church on fire, (my grandma assured me that it was just fireworks). Then all the devils light their firework sticks (don't know what the real name for this is) and run around the square and side streets, and this continues for hours and hours.

I tried to find out about the tradition of this, but no one seemed to know. We left slightly deaf and stunned by what we had just seen. Something you probably need to see in person to have the full effect.

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