Thursday, 24 October 2013

Cowes Week - The Finale

After Emma and Will left, I did get a little lazy with my photography. Ultimately the week was becoming a little repetitive anyway... Boats, Booze, Boats, Booze... you get the picture. 
On the final night Finn's brother, his girlfriend and her family came to stay, and just in time for the last night celebrations. 
We all headed down to the seafront with a massive picnic and managed to find ourselves a big enough spot on the green. 
Just as we began to get stuck in, over head come the Red Arrows to do their thing. I had never seen them in person before so was all the more impressed!
It was fantastic, and such a beautiful back drop with the water and the boats underneath them.
We continued with our picnic and had some pudding and more wine enjoying the sunset.

As soon as it went dark the fireworks began...

Definitely one of the best displays I have ever seen... There is something about it been over the water that just makes it look so much more spectacular...

Of course the night again continued on into the wee hours, but Cowes Week certainly went out with a bang!! 

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