Sunday, 22 September 2013

Whitsand Bay

A couple of months ago when summer was at it peek. England had glorious sunshine everyday and the world was a brighter and happier place. It didn't take long for me to become bored after being back in my full time summer job as a waitress. Being unable to enjoy the sunshine was so frustrating I resorted  to booking a few days off and headed back down south for a few days to catch up with my favourite uni girls.

I arrived and we filled each other in on our summer stories to date, which mainly consisted of work gossip and moaning about minimum wage, however we decided a day at the beach was what we needed to forget all our troubles.

We set our alarms nice and early so we would beat the mad rush, and arrived around half past 8 and no one could be seen. We picked our spot, sun creamed up and went back to sleep for a little bit. 

Once the warmth of the sun woke us, the beach was still all ours we felt like cast aways.

Glamorous ones of course.

Out came 'Wilson' for some volleyball, while no one was around to see how terrible we are.

Once the Lifeguards we thought it safe to go for a paddle.

The water was surprisingly warm and we ended up acting like mermaids for the rest of the day, discussing how long we could last on a desert island.

It was a beautiful day with my beautiful friends, and unfortunately the closest we came to a girls holiday this summer. Who needs to go away when you can have days like this in England?

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