Sunday, 29 September 2013

The Needles

Summer for me consists of short and sweet trips to the Isle of Wight; what is not quite so short and sweet however, is the journey. After a few months the heat began to rise, and so did my frustration of taking badly air conditioned, overcrowded and delayed trains. It was time to mix it up and pay the extortionate price to take my car over to the Island.

Luckily once you arrive all the frustrations of travelling melt away as you drive round the beautiful coastlines. The advantage of taking my car across the water meant that my Island Boy and I could venture away from Cowes and explore a little.

For many when you think of the Isle of Wight, the first image to pop into your head is the white rock 'Needles'. Despite being a frequent visitor of the island I had not seen them yet. So my request was to be a proper island tourist for the day, despite Finn's initial reluctance.

Once you arrive at Alum Bay to park you are still not quite there, so we set off on a 2 mile walk to take in the scenery. 

After reading all the historical information it was time to see the money makers...

and take touristy photos of course...

On our way back to Cowes the weather began to clear, so stopped off in a quite little village called Newtown for a walk and to look at the natural harbour there.

Isn't it just quaint? I can imagine an Isle of Wight version of Dawson's Creek being shot here...

So many more places on this little Island to explore, any recommendations for where i should go next?

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