Tuesday, 8 October 2013

London Part 2

Mummy's Birthday had arrived on a glorious morning in London. After celebrations last night we took it easy at the hotel; present opening, a light breakfast, and a swim and steam in the spa. Before we knew it, it was time to check out and make our way out to the main event of the weekend, Lunch at Heston Blumenthal's restaurant Dinner.  

We started with some tasty cocktails to toast the birthday girl.

Whilst reading the menu to make the crucial decision of what to go for, and how adventurous we were willing to be.

We made a rule that we all had to order something different, and we all had to share... 

For starters we went for the: Meat Fruit, Roast Marrowbone, Salamugundy and Nettle Porridge.
Each dish was as delicious as the last, so many fantastic flavours that continued to develop even after you had swallowed, just amazing.

We continued to lick our plates clean of our main courses too...
Powdered Duck Breast, Spiced Pigeon, Black foot pork chop, and Fillet of Aberdeen Angus with mushroom ketchup.

And for desert: Tipsy Cake, Taffety Tart, Brown Bread Ice Cream, and a Summer fruits pudding i cannot remember the name of. With the sharing rule in place, we all got to try a bit of everything, and they were all fantastic!!  

This is the tipsy cake, you could see the pineapples being spit roasted through the kitchen windows. 

Daddy eyeing up the cognac cart...

and sweet tasting birthday wishes from the chef.

and that marks the end of our whirlwind weekend in London for Mummy's Birthday. 
A feast for our eyes and our belly's.

Just a gentle stroll back through the park on this sunny summers day.

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