Monday, 17 June 2013

Le Bistrot Pierre

We have finished our second year of university, and a celebration is definitely in order. Me and my best friends from university decided to get dressed up and head down to The Royal William Yard for dinner and drinks to celebrate our hard work, before the chaos and craziness of a night out on North Hill. 

The weather was glorious, so I took my big camera to take some shots at my favourite spot in the yard...

Striking some model poses...

What can I say, Sarah has missed her calling...

I would just like to take a moment to admire my beautiful friend... 

seriously... WOWSA!!!

We trotted around the corner to Le Bistrot Pierre for their student two course saver special. This includes a starter and a main for £13... one of the mains is a steak, which had got my tastebuds going. 

Time for some much needed celebratory wine... *Clink*

We laughed, chatted and gossiped. For the first time in months we didn't talk about University work, it was beautifully refreshing - as was the wine. 

Some food may be a good idea too... Heart shaped bread snaps.

I had the calamari with tasty garlic mayonnaise to start...

And for the main event, a succulent steak with a peppercorn butter... I could barely control my saliva.

It was fantastic, a real bargain for such delicious food.

The company was pretty great too.

Now to party and celebrate on the town, needless to say the rest of the evening wasn't quite so civilised!!

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