Wednesday, 13 March 2013

The Isle of Wight #2 - Yarmouth Pier

Another mystical day on the Isle of Wight, Finn and I took a trip to Yarmouth to indulge in our hobby; going to expensive areas, looking at nice houses, and picking which one we will live in someday.

We walked along the sea front, ending up at the pier, only just seeing the end and not much beyond. It felt like we were on a film set.

As there wasn't much of a view we examined the names of the people who had bought planks in order for the building of the pier - nice touch I thought.

Some were more amusing than others..

While the weather wasn't amazing - typically british. Yarmouth in the summertime is just beautiful and one of my favourite places on the island. Now I have picked out my future home *dreamland has been entered* - I will be spending more time here. 

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